Endorsement with aircraft ratings
Category B1, B2 or C
1.Group 1 aircraft — appropriate aircraft type rating.
2.Group 2 aircraft — appropriate aircraft type rating, manufacturer sub-group rating or full subgroup rating.
3.Group 3 aircraft –appropriate aircraft type rating or full group rating.
Category B3
Relevant rating is ‘piston-engine non-pressurised aeroplanes of 2000 kg MTOM and below.
Category A
no rating is required, subject to compliance with the requirements of paragraph 145.A.35 of CAR-145.
Type Traning
Eendorsement of aircraft type ratings requires the satisfactory completion of the relevant cat. B1, B2 or C aircraft type training.
First Endorsement
Endorsement of the first aircraft type rating within a given category/ sub-cat requires satisfactory completion of the corresponding OJT.
for group 2 and 3 aircraft, aircraft type ratings may also be granted after:
— satisfactory completion of the relevant category B1 and B2 or C aircraft type examination and
— in the case of B1 and B2 category, demonstration of practical experience on the aircraft type. In that case, the practical experience shall include a representative
cross section of maintenance activities relevant to the licence category.
Ref: CAR 66 Issue II revision I dated 10th February 2017


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