AME Licence category

AME Licence category revised by rev.1 of CAR 66 Issue II dated 10th February 2017.
(a) Aircraft maintenance licences include the following categories:
– Category A
– Category B1
– Category B2
– Category B3
– Category C
(b) Categories A and B1 are subdivided into subcategories relative to combinations of aeroplanes, helicopters, turbine and piston engines. The subcategories are:
– A1 and B1.1 Aeroplanes Turbine
– A2 and B1.2 Aeroplanes Piston
– A3 and B1.3 Helicopters Turbine
– A4 and B1.4 Helicopters Piston
(c) Category B3 is applicable to piston-engine non-pressurised aeroplanes of 2000 kg MTOM and below.


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