Lost Planes Should Be Yesterday’s Problem

NTSB Safety Compass

Lost . . .

That word conjures up many images, but in this hyper-connected world, most of us would think that it could not possibly be applicable to something as big as a 250-ton aircraft. Unimaginable as it may be, the world did recently lose such an aircraft, and the effects are painful, far-reaching, and lingering. In such circumstances, family members lack vital information to help them with their tragic loss of loved-ones; the aviation community and the traveling public are beset with uncertainty; and there’s no way that an investigator can conduct a comprehensive accident investigation that may prevent such tragedies from happening again.

The balm of comfort for the grieving, and the spade for unearthing hidden clues to what caused a catastrophic event, may be improved technologies that help us find aircraft and flight recorders that are lost in remote locations or over water. This is the impetus…

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