ICAO Celebrates 70 Years

NTSB Safety Compass

by Christopher A. Hart, Acting Chairman

ICAOLogoIn December 1944, delegates from 54 nations gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the Stevens Hotel in Chicago at the invitation of the United States of America. And today, it was an honor to be in that same place celebrating the ICAO successes.

In 1944, those nations had a vision of a safe and orderly international civil aviation system that would foster friendship, understanding, and cooperation and signed the Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known as the “Chicago Convention.” Fifty-two nations signed the Convention, establishing the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as a specialized agency of the United Nations. The aviation industry is an international business, where aircraft carrying passengers and cargo crisscross the globe and has greatly benefitted from its establishment.

70 years later, ICAO and the global air transport community came together to commemorate this moment in aviation history…

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