CAR 145 Issue 2 Salient feature

            CAR 145 Issue 2 dated 8th october is issued to make Indian regulations aligned with EASA Part 145 latest revisions and SARI 145 Revision1 dated 15 November 2012. 
          This CAR is effective forthwith and shall be complied by all new/ existing organisations.
          Maintenance approvals issued in accordance with revision 1 of CAR 145 shall continue to remain in force. However such organisations may demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this CAR, before 1st January, 2014.
          Salient features of the revision are
1. The requirements, related AMC and GM are brought together for easy reference purposes.
2. Requirements for Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations (CDCCL) and training guide lines have been introduced.
3. Scope of components maintenance enhanced to include Indicating and Recording System, Water Ballast and Propulsion Augmentation System.
4. The scope of simple defect rectification, which can be accomplished by flight crew has been enhanced to include
    a) Inspection for and removal of de-icing/anti-icing fluid residues.
    b) Removal/ closure of panels, cowls or covers those are easily accessible but not requiring the use of special tools.
5. The scope of Practical skills training provided to flight crew by an organisation approved under CAR 145 which includes 35 Hours practical experience has been enhanced to include:
      • De-icing/anti-icing related maintenance activities.
6. Sub-paragraphs CAR-145.A.35 (n) & (o), CAR-145.A.65 (d), CAR-145.A.70 (c) and CAR145.A.70 (d) have been added.
7. Sub-paragraphs AMC-145.A.35 (c ),AMC-145.A.35 (n), AMC No. 1 to 145.A.50 (d), AMC No. 2 to145.A.50 (d) ,GM-145.A.50 (d) and GM-145.A.60 (b) have also been added.
8 The format of CA Form 1 (as given in Appendix I) has been revised exactly in line with CAR M.
9. Appendix to AMC A.30.(e) on Fuel Tank Safety Training has been newly added as Appendix VIII.


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