Flight Safety Documentation system

                        Flight Safety Documentation system is a set of inter-related documentation  established by the operator, compiling and organizing information necessary  for flight and ground operations.
          A flight safety documents system should be organized according to criteria which ensure easy access to information required for flight and ground operations contained in the various operational documents comprising the system and which facilitate management of the distribution and revision of operational documents.
                                         Para 4 of CAR Section 5 Series “F”, Part I requires that all operators shall establish an effective Flight Safety Documentation System for use and guidance of operational personnel. “The procedure for preparing FSDS its monitoring and adherence shall be incorporated in the Flight Safety Manual”.
                            Development of a flight safety documents system is a complete process. Changes to each document comprising the system may affect the entire system. Process includes following :
a.    planning and organization for the document system,
b.    design,
c.    review,
d.    production,
e.    maintenance
f.     Distribution of manuals and publications.
g.    Each part of the process will affect the entire system.
                       All documents is to be consistent with each other, and consistent with regulations, manufacturer requirements and Human Factors principles.
                      It is also necessary to ensure consistency across departments as well as consistency in application. Hence the emphasis should be placed on an integrated approach, based on the notion of the operational documents as a complete system
                     Guidelines applicable to operational documents’ development tend to focus on a single aspect of documents design, for example, formatting and typography. Guidelines rarely cover the entire process of operational documents development.
 1. CAR Section 5 Series F Part 1 28 June 1996
2.  Air Safety Circular No. 2 of 2013  Flight Safety Documentation System

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