AME Licence (New Aircraft Rules 61)

Aircraft Rules 61

The new licence categories include:

  • category A
  • category B1 (mechanical)
  • category B2 (avionic)
  • category C

Categories A and B1 are subdivided into the following subcategories:

  • A1 and B1.1 aeroplanes turbine
  • A2 and B1.2 aeroplanes piston
  • A3 and B1.3 helicopters turbine
  • A4 and B1.4 helicopters piston

How do the new licence categories line up with existing licence privileges?

The Category A licence is a new concept. It would be the equivalent of an AME gaining a Maintenance Authority for minor scheduled line maintenance or simple defect rectification. However it is an actual licence issued by DGCA to an individual, who is then trained and authorised to undertake specific work within a 145 organisation and to issue a certificate of release to service for the work that he/she has undertaken.

The Category B1 licence parallels an existing airframe, engine and electrical licence with the addition of line replaceable unit and testing privileges in the instrument and radio categories. A B1 licence holder may also issue a CRS for work undertaken by others that he/she supervises. The B1 licence automatically covers the applicable A licence scope and privileges.

The Category B2 licence parallels an existing electrical, instrument and radio category licence; however, the following systems would be within the B1 licence: Air-conditioning, Fire Protection, Fuel Systems, Hydraulic Power, Oxygen and Water Waste. A B2 licence holder may also issue a CRS for work undertaken by others that he/she supervises.

The Category C licence provides for a function/role with a capacity to sign the crs for the aircraft in entirety – post base level maintenance in a 145 organisation. 




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