Review of aircraft records

The review of aircraft records shall confirm that the aircraft in its current configuration complies with the following:

  1. 1. airframe, engine and propeller flying hours and flight cycles have been properly recorded, and;
  2. 2. all known defects have been corrected or, when applicable, carried forward in a controlled manner, and;
  3. 3. airworthiness directives up to the latest published issue, and;
  4. 4. Type certificate data sheet (by number and issue), and;
  5. 5. Maintenance programme, and;
  6. 6. Component service life limitations, and;
  7. 7. The valid weight and centre of gravity schedule reflecting the current configuration of the aircraft, and;
  8. 8. Part 21 for all modifications and repairs, and;
  9. 9. The current flight manual (to the latest revision status) including supplements, and;
  10. 10. All maintenance has been released in accordance with Part 145, and;
  11. 11. Operational requirements.


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